Always wanted a classic Jaguar with a pre-pedestrian-safety leaper hood mascot, but never wanted to deal with constant electrical gremlins and leaky windows? Then the Jaguar motorcycle may be the vehicle for you. And don't worry; just like any pre-Tata Jag, this bike doesn't have an ounce of practicality either.

Its builder, who at this point remains anonymous, apparently feels that a massively underperforming air-cooled Harley v-twin makes the perfect synonym for a smooth V12, while the raked out custom frame hidden underneath the plastic leaper should do a good job of eliminating the good handling more often associated with the brand. Of course, all this will be the last thing on its rider's minds; they'll be way too focused on the excruciating riding position created by the rear-axle-mounted foot pegs and way-forward bars. [T3 via Autoblog]