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Car bodies on truck frames are not exactly a new idea. But, as the seller points out, this half-Toyota, half-Ford Focus 4x4 is not just another Camaro on a Blazer frame.


This Focus 4x4 is clearly the work of someone with the kind of dedication towards producing a weird vehicle that you have to admire, even if the result is not your cup of tea. According the eBay auction, The Focus's unibody design was kept intact during the conversion by building a custom subframe in the front. Underneath the Focus is all Toyota, including the heart of the beast, a Toyota 22RE. A 1994 Toyota pickup also gave its five speed manual transmission, transfer case, rear axle and front differential to create what has to be the only half Focus half Toyota of its kind.

If the bizarre factor of this creation doesn't get you, it seems to be a well done swap, adding Toyota reliability and a 5 speed. With 3 days left the bidding has only reached $3750, although the reserve has not yet been met. Not a bad price to pay to guarantee you never lose your compact commuter in a parking lot again.



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