Yesterday we saw some seriously retina-assaulting car kits, from the psycho-futuristic Nova Sports Car to the acid-tripping purple Toyota... whatever. While the VW Shortbus is an interesting reinterpretation of a classic form, the fake Carrera GT is merely a sad bastardization of a modern design. This made us wonder. Does it get worse? Could it get worse?

Throughout automotive history individuals have rebodied their cars in a variety of funky ways either as a form of self-expression or out of a desire to mimic some other form. Some of these have turned out quite stunning, a la the Glickenhaus Ferrari. The ones above... not so much. Those are three of the worst we can pull together but we imagine that some of you are hiding horrors in the back of your minds. Share and be released from their eye-gouging grip. It's not only fun, it's cathartic. So answer for us either with links, pictures or stories in the comments below — what's the worst full body car kit?

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