We just snapped off a couple of shots of the Mahindra Scorpio, the diesel-electric hybrid SUV we told you would be unveiled here at the 2008 SAE World Congress. Yes, it's before everything has opened to the engineering public. Yes, we may not have been officially allowed out on the floor. Yes, we probably broke a city statute or two in doing it, but no, rumors of any cash exchanging hands in the process are very much untrue. What is true is the hybrid diesel SUV from the sub-continent is the first of its kind for Mahindra and is being displayed in the stand of their development partner FEV.

The diesel-electric is fitted with a parallel hybrid system integrated into the transmission and provides drive power at start, additional power on command, stop/start functionality and regenerative braking capabilities. For the time being, enjoy that sweet teal train-like goodness seemingly following the GM methodology of making sure everyone knows you're driving a hybrid via large stenciled letters on the side. Also, there's a hood scoop. We're not entirely sure why that's important, but yeah, there it is. We'll be getting more details for you when things open up officially. For now, we have to work on outrunning the Detroit police.