Who needs wife when you can have a tiny box with three LEDs constantly judging your driving? The U.K. military has begun testing a program that will monitor driving habits of its personnel. Installed in 200 vehicles is a system from Greenroad Technologies. It uses a green, yellow and red LEDs to rate your driving based on a memory of 120 different maneuvers.

If you perform a solid maneuver, the system will provide a green light, a mediocre maneuver will provide a yellow light and if it blinks red there is a good chance someone is recording you for a Youtube video, so hoon it up.


The purpose of the installed system is so a U.K. safety center will be able to collect "blind" test information for drivers in the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. I'm sure bets will be placed prior to finding out which branch has the worst drivers.

Including this technology in vehicles reportedly reduced accidents by an average of 54 percent and lowered accident costs by 65 percent. Not bad. [News.com]