Our philosophy of cotomer sevis has always been to recognize that all businesses make mistakes and that the good business is the one that does what's necessary to correct those mistakes. Taking that one step further was Assi Touti of Forrest Hills, New York who, apparently, wasn't satisfied with the job a Mr. Hand Car Wash did on his Chevy Silverado truck. The management offered him a second wash but explained that he'd have to wait in line before going through again. This made Mr. Touti a little upset. So upset that he crashed his truck into the equipment (not pictured), trapping three employees.

The total cost of not having the patience to wait a few minutes for a second round at the car wash? The equipment was damaged to the tune of $12,000, plus damage to the truck and whatever it's going to cost to deal with a felony count of second-degree criminal mischief and three counts of reckless endangerment. Haven't these people heard of the Better Business Bureau? [Newsday]