Considering how many Jaguar XJ6s I see in the junkyard, they're not so common on the streets of Alameda. My guess is that dead Jags languish in back yards, garages, and driveways for year after year (it just needs a few "minor repairs," really!), until an enraged wife or landlord dispatches them to The Crusher. Whatever the reason, it's been quite a while since we last saw a Jaguar in this series, so I was pleased to spot this decent-looking '84, not far from yesterday's DOTS Porsche 912. Close examination of this car reveals a few warts, but try to imagine the post-Malaise cocaine-fueled optimism of Jaguar ownership in the mid-80s when you look at it.

I could sit and photograph a cool-looking animal hood ornament all day, and this cat is one of my very favorites. Such feline anger!

Of course, Jaguar owners displayed facial expressions similar to the one on their cars' hood ornaments every time the gentlemen down at the local British-car shop sent them a bill. But so what? Just look at this car!

Whoops! That's some genuine California-style rust there, and I'm betting there's more like it in all the areas that collect rainwater (i.e., trunk, rear floors) during the wet Alameda winters. It appears that the owner has attempted to sand away the problem, which indicates a willingness to take decisive action coupled with a lack of understanding of the rust MO.

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