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$350K Brooklyn Lamborghini Fire Caused By DVD Player

Illustration for article titled $350K Brooklyn Lamborghini Fire Caused By DVD Player

It appears none of the speculation over the cause of last week's Brooklyn Lamborghini fire was correct. It wasn't thieves or an insurance scam. A source tells us the supercar was destroyed because of a bad aftermarket DVD player installation.


The tale of the toasted Lamborghini starts last Monday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the Murcielago mysteriously succumbed to flames. Some claimed it was stolen. Others wondered if it was the classic "fuel leak" problem all Lamborghinis are supposedly in danger of experiencing. Frankly, what piqued our curiousity was why the mid-engined car burned front-to-back.


Alas, Brooklyn-based Jalopnik reader and professional car guy IngloriousB has the answer:

"The owner of the Lamborghini (btw, he only bought it for $200K from what I heard) and to the city and had a DVD player installed in it and he was taking the car home. He was getting off the bridge and at a red light started seeing smoke coming out of the hood and the dash. Basically, it was an electrical fire from the DVD player and by the time the fire department got there it was too late."

You drop $200K on a car and then cheap out on the DVD player? Why get one at all? We're sad about the car, but it sounds like the Murci' was trying to send a message: you don't need to watch DVDs in an exotic, two-seat Italian super car.

Photo Credit: NewYorkShitty

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Same thing happens when you add a cupholder to an enzo. It gets rejected like a bad transplant.


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