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33 Percent of All Cars in US to Fall Under CARB's Rule in 2009?

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Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington are expected to adopt the policies of the CARBies today, following the lead of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont in adopting California's set of stringent emissions standards, putting the number of states under the California Air Resources Board's authority by 2009. The combined 11 will make up 33% of the United States' automotive market, which gives the Golden State's agency a truly unique power.


While some groups are saying that this will pressure the Feds to adopt more stringent standards, we're not so sure. What it will do is pressure automakers into making cleaner cars across the board by creating a share of the market too large to simply ignore, as well as push speed-parts manufacturers to pursue CARB certification. Listening, Audi? Now if CARB could just do something about the gunk pumped out of the ships and trucks at the Ports of LA and Long Beach, we'd be happy campers.

If the Kids are United: Oregon and Washington to Follow California Emissions Standards [Internal]


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