It's been several months since the last time we saw a Colt down on Alameda's street, so I was happy to discover this '78 Colt wagon parked on the same block as the '66 Volvo Amazon. These rebadged Mitsubishis used to be just as common as Corollas, Chevettes, Pintos, or any other Malaise Era economy car. These days, though, almost all of them have gone to The Crusher.

With a few decades between us and the time of Malaise econo-cars, it becomes possible to notice the goofy little Japanese styling touches that are lamentably absent from most Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere machine these days.

1978 was the last year of the Galant-based rear-wheel-drive Colt. Bumbeck claims the Astron bolts right in to the RWD Colt, and we're all for that idea!

It's hard to make out the text on the warning label affixed to the rear glass, but it seems to be along the lines of "You'll suck carbon monoxide if you drive around with the hatch open, fool!"

Oh yeah, it's even got the roof rack! If not for the whole smog thing, I'd be tempted to make an offer on this car and Astron-ize it...

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