It's been the talk among kneedraggers since Aprilia announced its development last year. It's the moto maker's new, 1000 cc V4, and it's giving motorcycle- engine geeks a new reason to engage in cocktail-party speculation. The latest from Aprilia is that the V4 is undergoing durability testing in four tuning stages, from a spry 185 horsepower up to a hyperbole-defying 220. And the company says its first four banger will likely hit the track sometime in 2008. As for the street version, there's no word. But a 220-horsepower superbike for the street would skip right to the top of the class. Not to mention, the 2.0-liter V8 some joker is bound to build by fusing two of them together could be a bit of fun too. [Gizmag]