[Note: we initially ran this piece with the headline reading, "BMW To Sell Twin-Turbo Diesel(s) In North America." Thanks to RGSEIDL for the correction] I'll try and keep this short: 3.0-liter sequential turbo I-6 good for 286 HP, 427 lb-ft of twist and a combined cycle of 35 mpg. I really can't think of much else to say. OK, fine — the 3.0-liter petrol plant in the 335i and 535i makes a bit more power (officially 300, though actual output is closer to 330 hp), much less torque (300 lb-ft) and gets a combined 20 mpg downhill. BMW's keeping its yap shut about which new world car (or perhaps cars...) is going to get the blown oil burner, but Ward's Auto is guessing that we'll be seeing both the 335d and 535d before too long. And maybe even a 635d. We're all for those, for sure, but Jalopnik would very much like to see a 135d. Preferably in wagon or shooting brake form. And the 535d Touring, too. As for the when, we're hearing late 2008. [wardsauto.com]