Today's Down on the Street car gets the official Jalopnik Best Hood Ornament Ever Award. I mean, it's a jet plane with a glowing Indian head grafted on! What could the designers have been thinking when they came up with this thing? Best of all, the front view looks like a tiki head! And, of course, there's a lot of vintage Pontiac goodness behind the Glowing Indian Head Airplane as well...

This '50 Pontiac is a little bit banged up, but there's no rust and all the parts seem present and accounted for.

Check out the stars! The proud proclamation of the number of cylinders! And this is no boring ol' V8, mind you- this car has a straight-8 flathead. It goes without saying: Cherry Bombs needed.

Let's take another look at that hood ornament. Check the gallery below for yet more of them. I couldn't tear the camera away from the thing, must admit.

The convertible top, well, it needs some work. The climate here is easy on steel, but tough on cloth.

Actually, this car may be a Chieftan, not a Streamliner (some sources indicate there were no Streamliner convertibles, but others indicate the Silver Streak was a Streamliner-only emblem), but I just can't be sure. Pontiac experts, please weigh in with your opinons on this burning issue.

Parked in the yard, we see a Corvair van...

...and in the driveway, a Pacer! Yes, this Pontiac's owner has quite the collection of classic machinery!