The Fiero was a sales disappointment for GM, but it was a godsend for kit-car makers! Of course, we all know there's nothing like a Fiero-based sports car that looks like a Lambo that got left in the dryer too long (especially when it has a vaguely V12-ish plastic engine cover), but here's yet another variation on the theme: Archie Finale! According to the seller (who's bucking the kit-car eBay listing trend and eschewing the usual ALLCAPS style), "The car is Viper blue—in other words the same color thats on the Dodge Viper." Yes, folks, thats (sic) got to mean the car is as fast as a Viper! This Alabama-based ride has been bid up to $7,109.99 already, but for some reason the seller's very optimistic reserve price hasn't been met.

Finale 85 Fiero [eBay]

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