After putting away some excellent bratwurst, courtesy of the Fahrt Schnell Merkur XR4Ti team, I've dug up photos of the top ten contenders at the end of Day One of LeMons South racing.

We're not quite sure what to make of this list. A Saab leading? An Audi in the top ten? A Fiero? Two Jettas? There's no telling what will happen tomorrow, but we're guessing that this herd will be thinned somewhat by mechanical problems... or maybe not! Check in tomorrow for more LeMons action right here!

#1:, Saab 900 Turbo


#2: Dorifto Dogs, BMW 325e

#3: Lightning McQueen, Volkswagen Jetta


#4: Team We-Todd, Honda Civic

#5: Black Sheep Racing, Nissan 300ZX


#6: Schumacher Taxi 2 Half A Taxi: Audi 80 Quattro

#7: White Lightning: Mazda RX-7


#8: Team Ponticrap, We Are Driving Excrement: Pontiac Fiero

#9: Huggy Bear Better Run: Ford Escort


#10: Loose Tool Racing: Volkswagen Jetta

Thanks to Ashley Freed for many of these photos. For you completist freaks, here's the complete standings list. You might need to cross-reference the team names with the car models using the team list. That's all for me tonight; time to go drink beer and watch The Road Warrior with the Tunachuckers (who have a projector-on-sheet setup in their pit/campsite).