24 Hours Of LeMons New England People's Curse: The Pimpala!

Reports from Stafford Motor Speedway indicate that the target of the racers' race was the #699 Pimpala, a 2000 Chevrolet Impala. They went with a new and extremely sadistic method-o-destruction this time!


According to LeMons Perpetrator Nick Pon, the Pimpala spent five hours in the penalty box yesterday, due to "terrible" driving. When it came time for People's Curse ballots, the only question was whether or not the Pimpala would split the vote with fellow Impala Vlad The Impala and hand the Curse off to some non-Impala… but most of the other racers had sufficiently vivid memories of being pushed around by the Pimpmobile that it ended up being no contest.

We don't have any photos of the actual destruction yet (check in later), but here's how it worked: each team was allowed to choose one representative, no doubt selected on the basis of physical strength and/or width of mean streak, and one Implement Of Destruction (technically, the IOD was supposed to be a tool of some sort, but many interpreted this to include such "tools" as baseball bats and 6-foot lengths of steel pipe). Each team rep would be allowed five minutes with the Curse winner, to do his or her worst… and, by all accounts, the destruction was quite thorough.


Some chose to simply beat the crap out of the car's body, no doubt while howling imprecations at the Angry Racing Gods, et cetera, but others went apeshit with wire cutters and completely destroyed the wiring harness. Here we see the Pimpala team attempting to get the car back into raceworthy condition. Good luck with the wiring, guys!


Of course, when you've got 55 destruction-maddened racers going at the car for five minutes apiece, a few of them are going to play bumper-jack drum solos on the engine itself, with unpleasant- and way difficult to fix- results on the valvetrain and intake manifold. Still, Team Pimpala isn't giving up!

Photo credits: Ron Vickers, Andy Wallwhore, Fox 61, Christine The Arc Angel

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