2019 Toyota Supra: This Might Finally Be It?

It’s hard to fathom that somehow, the new Toyota Supra still isn’t out. And by that I mean not only is it not on sale, it hasn’t even “officially” been “revealed” yet. This, after years of rumors, renders, spy shots, concepts and even camouflaged prototype cars that we ourselves have driven! But the latest batch of photos could reveal the real thing at last. Is anyone surprised anymore, and do you still care?

Over on the always plugged-in Supra MKV Forum, several users reported signing up for updates on the car with Toyota Germany and then getting an email with these photos in response.

Are these official pics of the actual car at last? That’s hard to say, and several folks over there have expressed doubts. I have mine too, considering this would be the dumbest leak ever if it came direct from Toyota that way. But why would an official Toyota account put out a rendering at all? What’s the thought process there? (For whatever it’s worth, I signed up for the same email a few hours later and did not get these pics. I got more shots of the car in camo.)


The background does have the same stony gray setup as the official GR Supra Racing Concept photos that dropped a while back, so there’s that.


So no, we don’t know if these pics are legit or not. What we can say is this: The new Supra will almost certainly look like this car, because after eight billion other renderings and concepts and leaks and what have you, we know what it looks like by now. There’s no surprises here, and I don’t expect any when the car “officially” drops at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple weeks.

The way this thing has been drawn out, it makes the second-gen Acura NSX look like a total shock to the world.

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