2017 Volvo V90: This Is Your Next Volvo Wagon

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What we already saw in Chinese model car form was fully revealed by the Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld, and Volvo’s new wagon looks just as good as its sedan version, the 2017 S90, if not better.


Volvo will debut the V90 at the Geneva Motor Show in late February, but it seems like somebody was cheeky, because Teknikens Värld already has proper pictures of an unmasked pre-production wagon from what appears to be Volvo’s Torslanda plant on the island of Hisingen.


Since the S90 is 195.4 inches long, the V90 should be about 5.9 inches longer than the now almost-retired V70 wagon, with enough space for a dead moose in case Volvo’s kangaroo tech fails.

Engine wise, America is looking at the 316 horsepower T6 with optional all-wheel drive, or the plug-in hybrid T8 with a combined output of 407 horsepower. The top of the range all-wheel drive drivetrain is currently waiting for the EPA’s approval before going on sale in the XC90. Volvo expected to be two months behind schedule with its deliveries due to the Dieselgate scandal, but it seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer than that.


The rest of the world will get the V90 with a range of diesels equipped with Volvo’s latest anti-turbo lag wizardry, and smaller gas engines too, possibly including a three-cylinder in the long run.

If you saw the S90, you know the V90’s interior will be the best in the business as well, but if all that cargo space still isn’t practical and “active” enough for you, just wait until the V90 Cross Country comes out.


Photo credit: Teknikens Värld. Hat tip to Anders!


Photo via Teknikens Värld. Used with permission.

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Mr. Malaise

This new generation of Volvo vehicles is beautiful. There’s something about how Volvo has mastered squared-off styling in a contemporary look that makes their cars attractive beyond belief.