While driving down Wilshire Boulevard to take some pictures of something fun (you'll see soon), I noticed this heavily-camo'd car. I stealthily snuck up to it in my loud, bright yellow car and snapped some pictures. We think this is the 2015 Chrysler 300.

It's about the right size, that C-pillar just feels Mopar, and if you look carefully at that exhaust, you'll see some family resemblance to the 2015 Chrysler 200. The 300 is expected to be unveiled at the LA Auto Show later this year, and it looks to be keeping with the new design vocabulary that we've seen on the 200.


There's enough camo covering this thing that it certainly may be possible it will retain some of the distinctive and uniquely American handsome look of the original 300, but it's possible that will be abandoned in favor of the new Chrysler corporate face.

Aaron was the one to convince me that this is almost definitely a 300 we're looking at, and Chrysler has used similar camo design before. But, if you think we're totally wrong, here's your chance to explain why.


Sound wise, there may be a nice throaty V8 rumble there, but I was in my old Beetle, so I can only report that it sounds like an old Beetle. And it has that same decades-of-oil-leaks smell, too.

Also, sorry my windows are so dirty.

UPDATE: Many commenters are suggesting this is just the 2015 200, which it certainly could be. It's unveiled, and wouldn't need cam0, but it is possible this mule just retained the camo. Upon reflection, I may be inclined to agree.