We've seen it already, but just in case you've missed something, this is everything you should know about the new 2014 Range Rover Sport, the best off-roader for London's city center. Having said that, New York is the model’s best-selling city.

Thanks to the aluminum construction, it's 920 pounds lighter than before with the 258 horsepower 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel. You'll eventually be able to get it with a supercharged 4.4-liter V8 diesel with 339 horses, but for now, your options are limited to the supercharged V6 with 292 horses, or the also supercharged V8 petrol with 510. Don't worry about fuel consumption, the new car saves 7% from its start/stop system and the 8-speed automatic, while the body itself is 8% more aerodynamic, so now it goes through air like hot chainsaw through Stilton.


The Sport is also 5.86 inches shorter and 2.1 inches lower than the normal Range Rover, which should improve cornering and make parking much easier. They say the Sport also has 75 percent unique parts compared to its brother.

When getting dirty, the air suspension provides up to 115mm of regular movement, from the lowest setting at 1.96 inches to the standard off-road height. There's also an automatic extension, triggered by sensors or selected by our fingers that can raise the Sport by 1.37 inches, giving a total movement range of 7.28 inches. That allows the car to do 50 mph while off roading compared to the previous 31 mph limitation.

There are two 4WD systems you can choose from. One provides a two-speed transfer case with low-range option with a front-rear 50/50 percent default torque split, and 100 percent locking capability. The other is 39 pounds lighter, features a single-speed transfer case with a Torsen differential and a torque split of 42/58. This is faster but less effective when the going gets tough.


The interior is full of leather, gadgets and luxury, but the occasional 5+2 seating option is the detail I like the most. Enough talk, see for yourself in the color they will sell the most: