2014 Ford Fiesta: This Is It

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The Honda Fit may have started the trend of automakers bringing not-terrible small cars to the U.S., but it was the Ford Fiesta that got us excited about them again, even if sales haven't been as robust as Ford had hoped. These leaked photos of the 2014 Fiesta show a new, more aggressive face. We're in.


So far all we can tell you is that the new Fiesta has grown into the company's new look (as seen on the 2013 Ford Fusion), without, noticeably, growing in any other directions. Small is good.

The sharp trapezoidal grille and sleek headlights are a minor improvement that go well with the stronger character line extending from the front fender, rising back towards the door handles. Anyone else think the Aston Martin Cygnet would have been better off as this?

Aesthetically, we had no real complaints about the Fiesta on the outside where it was European in a good way, but on the inside the sub-compact has always been a little too European in a bad way. Almost as if they'd just brought the car over quickly from Europe…

Specifically, they've enlarged the in-dash info screen and dropped the awkward number pad no one in the history of Fiestas has ever used.


More details coming tomorrow.


For Sweden

[raises hand]

I also think the Aston Martin Cygnet would have been better off as this.