2013 Ford Fusion: Detroit Auto Show Live Photos, Info

Ford kicked off its 2013 Ford Fusion press conference in Detroit by referring to the midsized-sedan market as a "battleground." Sleepiest battleground ever, you say? Perhaps not if Ford brings out an ST version (hinted in a quick image flashed on the Huge Press Conference Screen).


On that "battleground," Ford says, the car to which buyers can forge the most emotional connection will win. And that's what it's trying to do by roping in some very Aston Martin-like design tropes for the 2013 Fusion.

Up close, the Fusion is a classy, if conservative bit of European-style metal shaping, which stands in sharp contrast to Toyota's latest attempt at tugging sedan buyers' emo centers by going more avant garde with its body edges.

In edition to the design, and all those engine choices we already told you about, the new Fusion will get a Lane Keeping System that will "steer" or otherwise coax an errant car back into lane, along with typical gear like adaptive cruise control, active park assist and MyFord Touch.

But what of that "ST" tease? We don't know, although since the Fusion will be the sister car to the next-generation Mondeo, perhaps the company is considering a sported-up version for US and UK hoons of the midsized-sedan persuasion.

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