2012 Nissan GT-R: Even More Godzilla-Sized Details

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The Godzilla-loving folks at NAGTROC claim upgrades to the 2012 Nissan GT-R are far more substantial than we had initially expected. The 2012 model gets chassis tweaks, revised suspension and an all-new rear-wheel-drive-only mode. Burnout control perhaps?

NAGTROC claims changes run "so deep that the new GT-R is no longer the CBA-R35. Instead, it is now the DBA-R35, as Mizuno-san has apparently thought it appropriate to tweak even the chassis."


The most significant chassis improvements include reinforcement on the front end of the car and dashboard support area. The forward suspension strut towers have been structurally strengthened with carbon and aluminum materials which Nissan claims allows for an increase in rigidity. That should help improve the joint stiffness, which in turn will improve the accuracy and directness of the car's response by providing a more efficient weight transfer.

The newly-annointed DBA-R35 features a revised suspension layout, not only seeing new spring rates and dampers, but also revised geometry and construction. The front brakes of the new DBA-R35 have also been freshly made over. Interestingly, these improvements are in line with what many in the aftermarket have sought to accomplish, as Nissan is claiming to have improved both pad and rotor life.

We've already spoken about cosmetic changes — including the new tires. But speaking of putting rubber to the road, there's also a very interesting feature now enabled in the DBA-R35 — the ability to temporarily put the GT-R in a rear-wheel-drive-only 2WD mode. All you have to do is hold the transmission switch downward on fuel save mode (where snow mode used to be) for four seconds. The GT-R will then go rear drive only. It will be interesting to see how this feature will be used and what's possible with it. Of note, Nissan is encouraging owners to drive with the car in its default, all wheel drive mode. Wanna bet Nissan ties the warranty to AWD-only mode?

We'll give you more as we get it. For now, check out the fully detailed look at the new GT-R from NAGTROC here.

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