2011 Mercedes E-Class Convertible Drops Top

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The 2011 Mercedes E-Class Convertible looks like an E-Class Coupe without its toupee and with the addition of AIRSCARF and AIRCAP technology you can keep your hair, real or fake, from blowing away at top speed.


It seems like many other publications were invited along to hang out with the Mercedes E-Class convertible ahead of time to play with this new piece of technology. We were not. So here's all the information we have on the top-down tourer.


As with the Coupe, your choices of engine include either the 268 HP 3.5-liter V6 or 382 HP 5.5-liter V8 wrapped up in a package designed to be as enjoyable and comfortable as its hard-topped brethren. When you do decide to lower the attractive cloth top, Mercedes' AIRCAP system kicks in. Rather than letting your perfectly coiffed hair from spill out, the AIRCAP system raises a wind deflector up to 2.4 inches above the windscreen and creates a backstop for the air between the rear seats.

This gets coupled with AIRSCARF, which is a neck-level heating system designed to create a bath of warm air in the passenger cabin. See, this is where the three-pointed star has it together. A cavewoman, driving around in a Mercedes convertible, would wear an actual scarf. The modern woman uses the AIRSCARF.

All of this helps remove the feeling of traveling in the open air from driving around in the open air... for some reason.

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Adamskiy, as seen on TV!

Meh, the backend has too much of a Solara-ish look.