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Our latest set of shots of the 2010 Ford Fusion from the quickest-to-the-snap spy photographers of KGP showed the new mid-size from Dearborn wearing a very fashionable leopard-print skin. While yes, there's much you can tell from those spy shots — including further confirmation of the ditching of the smiling grille, perhaps indicative of the very sad Ford sales numbers as of late, we'd previously seen the Fusion wearing. But, regardless of the "why," we wanted to see the new Fusion's exterior get even more naked to match the interior shot we've already seen, so we sent them over to our friends at KORSdesign, to see if they could bring every little crease and cut-line out into the open. What they've given us back is probably the best look you'll see of the new Fusion before it sees its official reveal at one of the next couple of auto shows. The full skinny from the KGP shooters is below the jump.

Ford's new Fusion has dropped a bit more of its frontal camouflage, giving us our best look yet at its new grille and front bumper design. While prior Fusion prototypes were fully covered by tape graphics, this latest Fusion was caught with its front air-intakes completely uncovered. Seeing the definitive character traits of the new Fusion's face with such clarity gives us an even better feel for Ford's thoughtful redesign, and the nice update over the current model. The prototype's tail-lights were still well covered, but we managed an ultra-close-up shot that allowed us to cut through the camouflage a bit better. Ford has employed a clever photo-image screen covering that looks fairly realistic from a distance, distracting the eye from the true lines and tail-light shape. Our detailed tail-light shot reveals much of the rear lamp's shape, reverse light placement, the new honeycomb detail to the lighting surface. Although the camouflage still leaves some mysteries to be solved, the overall tail-light design looks simpler than the tail-lights on today's Fusion.


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