2010 Ford Fusion To Have Class-Leading Fuel Economy

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Ford product boss Derrick Kuzak has laid down a mandate saying all newly refreshed Ford products must offer best-in-class fuel economy. With the restyled and repowered 2010 Ford Fusion just around the corner, this mandate obviously falls on the shoulders of Ford's mid-sized offering. The Fusion mileage champ will be fitted with a 2.5-liter four cylinder mated to the 6F35 six-speed automatic transmission we first tested in the 2009 Ford Escape.


Aside from making bold proclamations of "best in class," no actual numbers have been released yet. Given the aero upgrades and new powertrain, better fuel economy can only be expected out the Fusion, but we'll have to see if Ford delivers on its promise. Particularly since best-in-class fuel economy for mid-size sedans is bound to be a rather competitive benchmark in the next few years. [AutoNews Sub. req.]

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Reading further into the bit about the tranny, I totally distrust anybody calling anything with fluids in it a "fill-for-life" design. Don't you fill it up with oil and make it drag around my butt plus an extra 3500lbs and tell me it's good until forever. I buy the damn car and drive it until a round trip to the moon looks like stepping outside for the paper. Parts wear out, folks! The oil breaks down, gears get smaller, filters get clogged. That tranny is not filled for life!

The last Fusion I drove was so numb at the pedal I thought I was driving an RC car. There was zero feedback, the spring in the pedal was just there to give me something to push against, the only communication between me and the engine was electronic. Bleah! I effing HATE that. I know it's supposed to be more efficient, I know it's cheaper, whoTF cares? I want to be able to tap Scotty on the shoulder and tell him, More Power! And he yells back to me, Aye-aye, sorr, she'll deliver for ye. Instead I'm patting the EFI controls on the side of their hard plastic case and getting a muted hum, a System Busy response. Screw that. Get me a real connection to the engine and include a GD drain plug in the tranny.

And somebody fix that bent grille bar.