2009 Pontiac G8 GXP Coming Soon? High Performance Pontiac Magazine Gives Us Their Wish List

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The Pontiac G8 GT commercial we showed you very early this morning was good at tightening the pants of any auto lover with a joy for recreating classic 80's Midway games. But there's still been some criticism of the arrow-headed brand over their neglect of the stick as well as some who believe the General's "performance brand" may not be driving excitement as much as they'd wish it to be. Well, the rumor on the street — and by street we mean the web pages of High Performance Pontiac magazine — is that Pontiac will be looking to bring to market a Pontiac G8 GXP for the 2009 model year. They're speculating

"There is plenty of evidence out there hinting to a future G8 GXP, one with a more powerful V8 and maybe a six-speed manual."


In addition, they've got a list of what they'd like to see in an eventual GXP, which we've provided after the jump:

What I would like to see:

*At least LS3 power. That means 430hp or more.
*A available six-speed manual. Please leave out the knife in the peanut butter jar shifter feel.
*Supportive bucket seats with GXP stitched in the head rests.
*No callout badges to the power level, just the engine size.
*Reduce the weight to about 3750lbs, or similar to the V6 model.
*Large brakes. I am a brake nut, so anything with outstanding brakes leaves me gawking.
*Larger wheels, perhaps a 19x9 wheel to leave a larger footprint and house the monstrous rotors.

Hmm, it reads like it came straight from a press release, doesn't it? Guess we'll have to see what, if anything, ends up coming out in the near future, eh? If we remember correctly, didn't the General bring the G6 GXP to New York a couple of years ago? [via High Performance Pontiac]

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