1985 Toyota Supra

When you start the week with an old Datsun, why not end it with an old Toyota? Somehow, though, the mid-80s Supra doesn't feel all that old, in spite of its incredibly 80s lines and graphics. We saw a good example of its 4-cylinder sibling (or maybe "cousin" is a better way of describing the Celica/Supra relationship of the era) a while back, and this Toyota lives across town, near the '65 Mustang.

Check out that super-80s decal emblem! Pay no mind to the large-diameter tailpipe; that fad will be gone long before all the old Supras disappear.


The hatch spoiler! But don't laugh- a Supra just like this one won the Flat Rock 24 Hours of LeMons last year.


This one is on the battered side, but you know there's plenty of life left in it. Being forced to choose between one of these and a Starion would be quite the 80s dilemma.

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