After we saw the beat-to-shit '68 Mustang last month, I promised we'd also see some nicer examples of Ford's hot-selling Falcon sibling. Well, Alameda has quite a few rough, Bondo-laden 60s Mustangs, but it's been tough to find pretty ones; I suspect what little garage space exists on the island is full of show-quality California Specials and the like. This '65 parks on the street every day, however, and it's in decent shape.

If the Ford Motor Company still exists 50 years from now, they'll be cannibalizing this grille design for mesh-tired cars sold to Moon Colony residents. Hey, it looks great- why think up anything new?


This car is equipped with the ol' reliable 289 small-block under the hood...

...or is it? Ford used the 4-lug setup only on their 6-cylinder-equipped Mustangs, which means this car has had either an engine transplant or a far cheaper emblem transplant.


But who cares? This car has a manual transmission! Sure, it's probably a 3-speed, but it still gets the Jalopnik Stamp-O-Approval.


Ford has been playing around with variations on the side "vent" trim on the Mustang for decades now, but I've always liked the first version the best.

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