1981 Toyota Landcruiser Camper for a Zombie-Crushing $35,000 Canadian!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The zombie apocalypse is coming, but Nice Price or Crack Pipe has got your delicious brain covered with a Canadian camper that's scalp-gnawingly tough.

You all were none too kind to the Hollywood Legend yesterday- awarding it a non-Oscar contending 86% on the Crack Pipe scale. Today we're heading north for something a little more butch. Oh, and you'll want to bring your chainsaws.


Zombies; you can't live with ‘em, you can't living dead without ‘em, but they're a fact of life. And, in order to avoid having your soft and savory gray matter becoming skull candy for those past their expiration date, you're going to need a vehicle with corpse-crushing capabilities, and long-term living accoutrements. Canada is ready with just such a ride - an '81 Toyota Landcruiser, eh.

The good thing about the Toyota Landcruiser is that they built them for years with very minor changes. That way, any parts that have been gnawed off, or windows which have been inexplicably smashed by rock-hurling shufflers, can be easily sourced and repaired. Today's survivalist hails from 1981 and, in its modified state, offers the perfect base station for your zombie jihad. With a bullet-proof diesel six, solar panels and a camper top, it will make all the treks between your shopping mall compound and the gun store over on main street all that much more enjoyable. And it's painted in a blood spatter-hiding red so you can drive it to that fancy new restaurant - Le zombé du monde without even having to hose it off.

The only downside may be that price- $35,000. And it's currently in Vancouver BC, which means that may be thirty five grand Canadian, which works out to about $32K in real money, and that's a lot of tire irons through the brains. You'll also have to factor in the whole Canadian zombie problem. Up there the zombies are just like here, only less emotive and with better healthcare. Also, some of them moan in French!


So what do you think- is $35,000 a Nice Price for a Toyota Landcruiser that may be the only thing standing between you and eternally walking the earth looking for mouth-watering brains to eat? Or is that a Crack Pipe big enough to bash in a whole herd of zombies with?

You decide!


Vancouver craigslist, eh? or go here if the ad is eaten by voracious zombie hordes. Hat tip to Farhad!

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