1981 Ford Granada for a Barely Noticeable $3,200!

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Are you looking for a Q-ship? Something that's quick, but runs under the radar? Well, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a potentially ferocious Ford that only your grandma might notice.

Yesterday, the poor topless REO Flying Cloud avoided further indignity, garnering an audience lighter-holding 64% Nice Price vote. However, it failed at its comeback tour due to an inability to move from the driveway.


Mustangs. Specifically fox-body ‘Stangs. They're everywhere and it seems you can't swing a dead cat but hit one. Cheap, reasonably roomy, and with parts that are so ubiquitous it wouldn't be surprising to discover there's a Mustang aisle at the Walmarts.

And when you stuff a V8 under the hood they can be fast too.

But that notoriety can work to your disadvantage. Every cop worth his mustache and doughnut-crumb encrusted badge knows that a Mustang is a potential hoon-mobile, or revenue generation machine in the parlance of the local seat of authority. Drive a hot Mustang and you'll grab more fuzz than a Hollywood bikini waxer. In order to avoid detection, and keep your daring deeds of hot diggity dog from the notice of John Law, you should look for a stallion with a less infamous pedigree- something that shares the ‘Stang's cheap and easy hoonability, but with a mien that is more family-friendly than feloniously frantic.

If only such a car did exist. . .

Enter today's contender- in this corner, weighing in at a welterweight 3,150 lbs, and sporting unremarkable metallic gray trunks, is the 1981 Ford Granada two-door coupe. Relieved of whatever boat anchor it used to have taking up space under the now blister-scooped hood, it is powered by an '86 Mustang 302, which is backed up by a sturdy and proven T5 manual. A positraction rear end with 3.55 gears should help keep it locked and loaded at stop light drags, and the best part of it all, is that when you're not lighting up those fat goodyear eagles, nobody will be the wiser. Hell, you could still have smoke pouring from the wheel wells and the cops would do little more than tip their hats to you and say how they wished the town had more law-abiding citizens like yourself. The Granada is just that invisible.


Not invisible, but nearly so, is the asking price.- $3,200. For that, you'd be getting a lot of bolt-on goodies, as well as the anonymity that comes with driving something so mundane as to be nearly the poster child of the sublunary automotive realm. It would also make the perfect getaway car should you choose to take up a life of crime.

So, what do you think about paying $3,200 for this hardly noticeable hoonomobile? Is that a Nice Price to pay for anonymous acts of auto aerobics? Or for that price, does this sound like a granada grenade?


You decide!

Illustration for article titled 1981 Ford Granada for a Barely Noticeable $3,200!
Illustration for article titled 1981 Ford Granada for a Barely Noticeable $3,200!

Craigslist of Brotherly Love, or go here, if the ad disappears (like anybody'd notice). Hat tip to nj_hoon!

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The only car that is more invisible would be the 1984/85 Fox based 4 Door LTD.

Definite Winner. And being that it is close to my girlfriends condo, I might have to check out the car. Esp. for $2800. A Fox chassis with Grandpa body is a good sleeper. I would just have to make sure that it had relatively quiet exhaust to keep up the image of a sane ride with an insane mill under the hood.

That 302 has to go. This ride needs a well built 351 Cleveland and from the looks of it, there is plenty of room under the hood to stuff the motor. And that blister scoop can be removed because I am pretty sure that a fuel injected V8 will tuck nicely under a stock hood.

And yes, I know about invisable. I have the 2009 GrandMa with the cop motor, cop shocks and it is a model that run well on E85 Ethanol.