1977 Chevrolet Camaro

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There's just something right about a primer second-gen Camaro, isn't there? Add the obligatory GM rust around the rear window, hang a pair of handcuffs from the rear-view, stop by the 7-11 to grab a pack of Marlboro Reds and a sixer of Mickey's Big Mouths and you're set! Now, we don't know for sure whether the owner of this '77 fits the Ideal Camaro Demographic- hey, maybe this car is owned by a 68-year-old veterinarian who favors those three-dimensional sequined sweaters- but it's more fun for us to assume we're looking at an ICD car here.

In 1977, the standard engine in the Camaro... well, you don't want to know. Let's just say that the super high-performance optional 350 put out 170 horsepower and leave it at that. Not only that, the F-body's weight had crept up to 3,500 pounds by '77, about the same as the '65 Impala 4-door and a good 400 pounds more than the '70-1/2 Camaro. Still, I've driven quite a few of these cars and they're actually fairly enjoyable on the street (and lots of fun with Hoon Grade™ engine upgrades).


Ah, the standard rear-window rust. Even in California, GM cars tend to get this problem. Just paint over it!


The huge Malaise 5MPH crash bumper is blended in fairly well with the vast plastic snout on this car; compare this treatment with, say, the Spitfire of the same era and you can see that GM did a pretty good job of bumper camouflage here.


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