Malaise Spitfire Attempts To Hide Embarrassing Bumpers In Junkyard, Fails

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We don't hold with those who hate all Triumph Spitfires across the board, although their unreliability was legendary even by British Leyland standards. No, the only ones that really deserve the "Shitfire" label are the ones hauling around 900 pounds of Malaise crash bumpers with an engine rated at... well, it's too depressing to get into. I found this fairly complete example located a few rows down from the '76 Peugeot 504, and the sight of those horrible bumpers- even more horrible than those on the 1975 BMW 2002- made me feel like Jimmy Carter still negotiating to get the hostages out of Iran even as Reagan took the oath.


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Rob Emslie

Holy Jebus, I used to have one of these! It was my first drop-top, and I still remember bringing it home from the dealership and putting the top down for the very first time. It was like a religious experience. That car was a ball to drive, when it ran.

Sadly, it was also the worst car I have ever owned. Ever. In my entire life. Out of about 20 cars total, this was far and away the most unreliable, least durable, most frustrating. It seemed to take active pleasure in breaking down and leaving me stranded. The Lucas electronic ignition would randomly fail, usually while I was traveling at 70 on the freeway, in the hot lane.

That one even has the hardtop, that's a nice find. Sorry to see it going the way of Elvis, somebody should have shown it more love.

Thanks Murilee, that brought back a flood of memories. I'm gonna' need a moment here.