1976 International Harvester Scout II

We've only seen two trucks from our favorite farm equipment maker so far in this series (the '48 KB-2 and the '80 Scout), but those aren't the only International Harvesters on the island. Here's a '76 Scout II (equipped with a warlord-style camouflage paint job) that I spotted in the same East End neighborhood as the '84 Plymouth Reliant.


Though the overall look of this truck is incongruous in a neighborhood full of crypto-Mission style turn-of-the-century bungalows, but wait until the Final Days are upon us and the atomic fire rains from the skies! Then this Scout will be full of freeze-dried food and ammo, headed at top speed for the compound in the mountains and leaving the rest of us to fight over charred rat carcasses in the rubble.

And what better soundtrack for that drive to the compound than a little Bad Religion?


Or maybe it's just an especially menacing commuter vehicle with single-digit gas mileage.


First 200 DOTS

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