Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Whether you need to traverse a vast wasteland of zombies, or make sure the kids get to the prom on time, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has just the former Swiss Guard for the job.

Last week went out with a bang. Well, it might have, had the Pinto contender been a few years older, but as it was a '78, immolation was a less likely possibility. What was likely, and did come to fruition, was a slim 53% Crack Pipe vote for pinky the pinto. Today we're going to kick the tires on something that's a little more butch.

The Pinzgauer was named after a breed of horse from the Pinzgau region of Austria, and strangely enough is also what Arnold Schwarzenegger shouts whenever he attempts to squeeze into his former competition speedo. First offered in 1971 to military organizations and remote-dwelling Uni-bomber types, the Pinzgauer came in a number of configurations and quantity of axles. This one is a 2-axle '72, and is an M, indicating it is an open-back troop carrier, so you could bring up to 9 chainsaw-wielding friends along on your post apocalyptic zombie massacre. Or take four couples - and that freaky kid who couldn't get a date - to the prom. Not only is it capacious, but pulling up to the house of your daughter's date in this thing will intimidate him sufficiently that by the time they're playing When you look me in the eyes by the Jonas Brothers, he'll be slow-dancing with a good two-feet between them.

Not quite so intimidating on the highway, but perfect for either zombie-fighting, or hormonal-teen transport, is the aircooled 2.5 litre four cylinder, which pumps out a meager 105bhp. Those ponies run through a five speed manual and two-speed transfer case, which is marked ‘slow' and ‘vertical,' and then to rolling differential locks that mean you won't need to get your shoes bloody when needing more traction in your ascent of the growing zombie pile.


And all this could be yours for less than the cost of the one-room shack in the remote badlands of Montana where you'll wait out the zombie hordes and prom season, while writing your treatise on how Arnold Schwarzenegger offended you through both his policies as governor of California, and by letting the Terminator franchise get so crappy.

So now that you know what you could do with the thing, it's time to weigh in on that price. Does $18,950 make you want to say yes to a Pinzgauer prom date? Or is that price so high you'd rather just let the zombies eat you, and the freaky dateless kid?

You decide!

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