1971 Honda N600 for an Insanity Pleading $4,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Are you jonesing for a mid-engine Honda product, but can't afford an NSX? Well, NIce Price or Crack Pipe has found a car that is so mad it just might fit the bill. Or maybe it'd kill you.

Yesterday saw one of the closet contests in a long time, but eventually the Toyota Cressida won over the hearts and minds of 53% of you. That sedan had an OEM, factory-fresh patina to it that sealed the deal. Today we have a car with a patina of another kind- a patina of insanity.


Back in the day, the Honda 600, with its air-cooled twin, was economical, and easy to park due to its compact dimensions. But aside from freeway driving, there was nothing particularly scary or eventful about them, and neither were they quick. But they did provide sensible, sane transportation for their owners.

But what if you were to meld one - Dr Moreau-style - with, say, a Toyota MR2? Doing that would definitely turn up the crazy to eleven. Well that's just what somebody thought would be a good idea, and hence we have today's candidate, looking like something Mad Max would drive through the desolate wastelands of Munchkinville.

Sporting a Mustang front end, and supercharged 4AGZE out back, this now rear wheel-drive two seater should be a hoon and a half to drive, if you can slither out of the straightjacket they've put you in for owning such a beast. The interior is bare knuckles raw, and those wheels stick out at the corners, giving it a bizarre swamp-buggy/rollerskate appearance. The heavy brows over the headlights dominate the front, and contribute to the car's evil doll countenance.


This is very much a work in process, and while a driver (and apparently certified for the street by the good people at the California DMV) it will need some sorting out to make livable. The lack of any sort of roll cage is concerning, considering that the diminutive Honda's bodywork provides even less protection than your imaginary friends. That should all be factored into the contemplation of the $4,000 asking price.


You should also consider that if the seller is whacked enough to drop that Toyota mill in the trunk of the little 600, he might be into some other kind of weirdness. It's possible he's got a head in his freezer, or a gimp locked in a box somewhere. So should you arrange to inspect the car, be sure to do so in a well-lit public location.

Given all that, how does four grand sound for this bi-polarskate? Is that a worthy price for this mad melange of manic motor and mini-car? Or is that crazier than a Honda N600-powered MR2?


You decide!


Craz-eBay or go here, if the ad goes nuts. Hat tip to Monty!

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