Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

For the next time someone asks you "boxers or briefs?", today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe arms you with the answer- Hey, I go commando!

The 1948 Willys Overland Jeepster was intended to extend the Jeep product into a more urban and urbane market. Unsuccessful in this effort, the Jeepster was discontinued in 1950.


Sixteen years later, the 4-place Jeepster was revived as the C-101 Commando. It still used the Hurricane F-head 4 cylinder, but the 160bhp 225 cid Dauntless V6 (sourced from Buick) was available as an option.

This 1969 Commando has the V6 upgrade, which is backed up by the T14 (or maybe T86?) three speed stick. You may not win the gold with this Jeep, but the brown-striped bronze paint is shiny enough to take a medal, none the less. And if going Commando isn't freeing enough, this Jeep will also let you rock the Rubicon topless!

Like all real Jeeps, this Jeepster is a trail-rated 4 wheel drive. That means that you, and three of your friends would be able to traverse pretty much anything from the Chisholm Trail to the drive thru at Churches.

Still, there's a lot of options for your $19,000. For that kind of scratch, you could buy a decent year old Wrangler, or . . .well, pretty much anything in this economy. We can confirm that it has aged more gracefully than the fifteen-year younger Schwarzenegger vehicle of the same name, and will likely be a better long-term investment than the director's cut of that classic actioner.


So, does that price make you want to shed your inhibitions and go Commando? Or, does the thought of spending fifteen grand give you a wedgie?

You decide!

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