Alameda has quite a few 1960s Mustangs on the street, but our last one was months ago. This '69 always parks on the street (not far from the '60 Studebaker Lark), though it's usually under a car cover. However, it does get regular driving use, as I learned when I talked to the owner (who says he gets offers on the car from other drivers at stoplights).

And no wonder- this car is very clean and sounds great. It's not an obsessively restored show car, but about as nice an example as you're going to find living outdoors and driving frequently.


Scoops all over the place. It must be fast!

Actually, with the optional 351 under the hood, it is fast. The standard engine on the '69 Mustang was the 200 six-cylinder, and most buyers went with the 302 V8. By hacking the car all to hell, Ford managed to fit the monstrous Boss 429 in the cramped confines of the Mustang engine compartment. Hey, if they can put a man on the moon...


First 200 DOTS