It's been very difficult to find non-beater 60s Mustangs parked on the island's streets; I see quite a few nice ones driving around, but they must live in garages. We've seen this fairly solid '65 and this beat-to-hell '68 so far, and today we're going to look at another rough- but fully functional- example of the breed. This '66 lives right around the corner from the Ketchup und Mustard VW Bus and just down the street from the Evil '69 Nomad, so it's in good company.

You can tell by the number of lug nuts (visible on each of the three hubcapless wheels) that this car started life as a six-banger machine. That doesn't mean that it has a six-banger now, of course... but that's the way to bet. Probably a Granada 250.


The thing about beater 60s cars is that they always retain some vestige of their former glory, since there's so much ornamentation that some of it is bound to survive.

This car does serve as somebody's everyday transportation, in true Alameda style. No numbers-matching resto here!


And, this being the East Bay, you get the standard Oakland Athletics/Bush's-last-day bumper-sticker combo. See, George W once owned the (A's division rival) Texas Rangers.

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