DOTS Truck Monday has worn enough of a groove in our routine to become sort of a tradition, but so far we've just seen pickups. What about vans? It's been half a year since we saw our last DOTS van, so this nice specimen of a forward-control Dodge fully deserves its day of glory.

This Tradesman is Job Rated! With a Slant Six under the hood next to the driver, you know this van really can get the job done.


I have a friend who drove one of these (which cost him $100) from Los Angeles to Guatemala and back, and the only problem he had was a sidewall puncture caused by a huge thorn. Surfers like these vans, too, because the engine cover makes a nice warm seat when you're all cold and wet.

The forward-control Econoline gets all the press, but I've always liked the A100 just as much. Looks like this van's owner uses it to haul motorcycles, if we are to judge by the stickers.


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