All right, this car wasn't sold as a Fairlady in the US (where it was the Sports 1600) but the home-country-market name is so much more fun than the export one, so I'm using it here. The Volvo Amazon is another example of a car where the home-market name is better than what we got, and the list goes on. Whatever you call it, what we have here is sort of a proto-Miata, a Japanese attempt to make a small British sports car that didn't break every few minutes.

This car was never a huge seller in the United States, though you used to see them every so often.

I found this car parked quite close to the 1964 Dart, so it's possible both are owned by the same person.


It looks sort of British, but there is a distinctive Datsunly flavor about it.


Yes, SR20DETs have been swapped into these cars, an upgrade we recommend highly.

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