1960 Volkswagen Transporter

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One thing that's hard about this series is the glut of air-cooled Volkswagens on the island; I could easily do nothing but 60s Beetles and Transporters for a month straight and still not run out. These VWs are survivors and fully deserving of recognition, of course, but it wouldn't do to have them shove aside all the other cool machinery in this series. Rationing has been necessary, but it's been a while since our last Transporter (so far we've seen a '56, a '57, a '62, a '63, a '67, and a '70), so let's look at a very nice 48-year-old example today. And, what the heck- let's have a poll!


1960 Volkswagen Transporter

This '60 parks very close to the 1960 Studebaker Lark and the 1955 Plymouth Savoy.

1960 Volkswagen Transporter

Vintage VW Type 2 owners will spend the rest of eternity screaming about how they're not hippies. Hell, real hippies haven't been able to afford these things for many years- they're driving 20-year-old Tercels now.

1960 Volkswagen Transporter

These vintage travel stickers are great, but I can't help but wonder if they've been there all along or are reproductions.

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Rob Emslie

My wife's family used to have a VW bus in which they would transport her very mean pony. Unfortunately she was nearly killed in it, and it was killed, when a pickup ran a light and hit her head on.

My family had one too. Happier story there. Took a trip from LA to Chi-town in it. good times. Dad traded it in for a Montego wagon with a bad tranny (transmission, not Sunset Blvd. denizen) and we gave him a hard time for that decision.