OK, holders of PhDs in VWology, I'm going to need youse to jump in here and point out the features that indicate the exact year of this Type 2 truck, because I'm stumped. I'm pretty sure it's from the 1964-67 period, but that's as close as I'm willing to call it. What I can say is that this pickup (actually, flatbed with wooden side rails) parks on a busy street, drives every day, and is used to haul stuff around. Maybe you hear a lederhosen-clad oompah band instead of Hank Williams when you look at it, but this here VW is still a goldang real truck!

We can be reasonably certain that this truck didn't roll out of Wolfsburg with that wooden bed, but it's still pretty well done (by the standards of the Joad family, anyway).

You got a gas gauge and a speedometer and a steering wheel and an idiot light (charge? oil pressure?). You got everything you need right there in front of you, buddy!


Miraculously, there's no obvious rust around the roof rail or the rear window; even California weather manages to rust these areas on old Transporters.


Ground clearance is pretty respectable on these trucks, and the rear engine gives them great traction on dirt roads- why, I reckon a man might even consider using this truck to haul firewood and molasses out to the still!

Just don't hit any trees on the way back from the still... not with nothing but some thin sheet metal and a few inches of air between you and the world.