QOTD: What Car Did You Unreasonably Love As A Kid?

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Humans are emotional creatures and, against our better judgment, sometimes we take a shine to cars for no logical reason. As the guy who wrote about a fancy C-HR yesterday, I’m acutely aware of this. But when I think back to my childhood, I’m reminded of so many cars I loved as a kid that I simply don’t think about all that often anymore.


At the top of that list is probably the second-gen Mitsubishi Eclipse. Every time I’d ride around with my mom in our blue Dodge Caravan and we’d pass an Eclipse, I’d beg her to buy one. I wanted it in red. And when I played Gran Turismo for the first time, the red Eclipse would always be my go-to.

The Eclipse was by no means a car unworthy of anyone’s love; you could get it with a 210 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and all-wheel drive, which is impressive for a mid-’90s sport compact. But I’ve moved on, and if I could choose anything from that era or segment to drive today, it probably wouldn’t be that Eclipse.

But there are weirder, less-deserving objects of my affection from my childhood too, like the first-gen Camry Solara. I can’t explain why anyone, much less a seven-year-old boy, would ever find a Camry Solara cool, but that’s the funny thing about kids right? There’s no use explaining it, you just feel it. And evidently, I felt like a retiree with a desperate need for the least exciting convertible imaginable.

So then, what cars do you remember unreasonably falling in love with in your youth that just haven’t stuck with you into adulthood?

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