Please Enjoy Us Reading Our Hate Mail And Drinking Wine

The ladies of Jalopnik, as you already know, get emails. It’s true we all get emails, but the Ladylopniks get really special emails that take very, uh, inappropriate turns sometimes.

Look, I know what you’re about to say. Working for the internet means you need to have a thick skin. Commenters, readers, critics, viewers, friends and family will always have an opinion of what you’ve written or said, and they will most certainly let you know about it, too. That’s totally fine and normal. Go right ahead and attack my ideas, it only makes me stronger.


But then you get emailers who soar past the stratosphere of things that are normal and acceptable to say to another human being who is just trying to do her job. If you’re going to email a woman at her place of work, telling her that you want to fuck her, do not hit send and instead take a walk into the ocean.

We filmed this video on a Friday not too long ago while splitting a bottle of wine, brought back to the office for us from Hungary by a very thoughtful Aaron Brown (RIP).



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I send a TON of inappropriate hate mail to George and Torchinsky (while drinking wine I might add). I feel that should be exposed as well.