Aftermarket Convertibles Are Generally A Bad Idea, But This ATS-V Looks Cool As Hell

Photo: Droptop Customs
Photo: Droptop Customs

Listen, letting some jabroney chop the roof off of your car isn’t necessarily a great idea. In general, I think custom convertibles are usually terrible and generally unsafe. And even though I think it looks cool as hell, I couldn’t possibly suggest that anyone buy this.


As spotted by Motor1, this ATS-V is for sale at Cadillac of Naperville for $99,000. The price lists the vehicle cost as $79,000 plus $20,000 for the “Custom Convertible Top” though the description inexplicably claims that there is “No Charge for the custom Convertible top.”

There aren’t many details on the listing itself, but it appears to be done by “Droptop Customs,” a brand of Convertible Builders LLC. It looks professionally done and could pass as a factory drop-top from a distance, but up close the fit of the custom top and alignment of the trunk panel looks janky.

Photo: Droptop Customs by Convertible Builders LLC.
Photo: Droptop Customs by Convertible Builders LLC.

We should note that you’re also trusting a small shop with the structural integrity of your performance car. As David Tracy reported in 2018, the company spends a lot of time and puts a lot of effort into safely reinforcing the body to handle roofless operation. Still, though, you are trusting an aftermarket job with the crucial job of crash protection.

And $100,000 could buy you a real factory-built performance convertible like the Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes C63, BMW M4, Chevy Corvette or Porsche 718 Boxster. Even if you’re dead set on having a performance convertible on the GM Alpha chassis, you can get a Camaro SS convertible for a lot less.

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I saw this nice aftermarket Cadillac the other day.