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A Big Wing Could Be the Secret to Big Speed

Gif: HillClimb Monsters

I don’t know if you’ve seen this new thing in racing, but I think science recently said that there is a correlation between aerodynamic downforce and supercharged E36 BMWs setting really fast hill climb times. This car’s enormous rear wing echoes the mega hill climb racers of the era, and the splitter, massive front canards, side skirts, and flat floor all work together to push the car into the asphalt. Regardless of how it looks, which is to say ugly but totally badass, this Bimmer really rips.


Apparently the BMW has shed quite a lot of weight, down to about 2200 pounds, and the supercharged 3-liter inline-six under the hood makes more than 500 horsepower. Perhaps the best part of this car, however, is the chopped roof, which has given the car a distinctive sillhouette.

I like the idea of chop top sports cars, but I haven’t seen one perfectly executed since the “King of the Hill” Mulholland racer from the 70s.


There is something so incredible about the human condition which can be seen in race cars like this. This was once a perfectly good commuter car. All of the things that made it great for the street have been stripped away, and it has been blown apart and restrung together with different parts to give the car a completely different purpose.

Why do we do things like this? The pursuit of speed is all consuming.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Big wings = Speed ? Not exactly a new discovery.