Beat The Big City Traffic By Just Becoming A Human Meteor

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Screenshot: Red Bull

Yesterday on Twitter a few people noticed a stream of light above the evening Los Angeles skyline. Some called it a UFO, others thought it was a meteor. Either way, it was seen all over the city flying down directly into downtown, some even thought it hit a building. In fact, it was just a trio of winged suit flyers (Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson, and Andy Farrington) shooting across LA to get up close to the last Super Moon of this decade.


@LAPDHQ later fired off a tweet saying

PSA: A meteor did not crash into Downtown Los Angeles, and no, it’s not an alien invasion...just a film shoot. This is Tinseltown after all. 

The Future Of Mobility Is Wingsuits, reads some silicon valley VC’s email inbox pitch tomorrow morning. 

It came out this morning that Red Bull was behind the stunt, because of course they were. It might have been a little bit out of touch to make this flight quite so visible, or have the flight path travel so close to a building. Maybe making people afraid isn’t the best way to promote your brand, Red Bull.

It’s really difficult to get across Los Angeles in a car, so maybe this wing suit thing isn’t such a bad idea. This seems much more plausible than flying cars coming any time soon.

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son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

First it was frictionless hyperloop pipes, then private Musk tunnels, now flying squirrel suits. Why do we keep dancing around the obvious solution and just build that pneumatic mail tube system from Futurama. You know you wanna.