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Is Ford Gonna Steal Tesla's Thunder Tonight With Some Electric Mustang News? (Update: Probably Not)

Much of Car Internet is glued to Tesla’s ongoing (and late-starting) livestream announcement of the Model Y crossover tonight. But before that even started, Ford sent off this cryptic tweet. What the hell?


Perhaps some news is coming tonight about the supposed “Mustang-inspired” Mach 1 electric crossover, right as Elon Musk is about to drop his big news. Or could it be about the hybrid Mustang we know is coming?

We aren’t sure yet, and a Ford spokesman hasn’t responded to our queries.

If there’s a surprise coming from Ford, we’ll keep you updated.

Update: No news from Ford tonight, a source intimated. Guess we’ll wait a little longer for whatever the electrified, Mustang-inspired future holds. 

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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If it’s a crossover I’m literally going to flip my computer desk.