Kimi Raikkonen Knows What He's Doing—Even When It Comes to Fixing F1 Seats

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Kimi Raikkonen is a legend in the Formula One world for a reason. This is a man who just purely doesn’t give a damn about your high-brown racing politics or your standards of what a classy European racing driver should be. And now that he’s not at Ferrari anymore, he’s gone back to the basic basics: fixing his own racing equipment.


Raikkonen seems to be enjoying life at Alfa Romeo Racing. Anyone else would probably be pretty demoralized at being demoted from Ferrari, F1's most storied team, down to Alfa Romeo (neé Sauber). Not Kimi. It looks like he’s enjoying the fact that nobody cares quite so much about dictating his every move.


Which seems to mean fixing his own racing seat. His ever-comically brief Instagram caption didn’t hint at why he’d need to be grinding away at the side of the seat (or why he’d have to be doing it himself)—I suppose we’ll just have to chalk it up to being another Kimi Raikkonen mystery, another legend to add to the ever-growing persona of what a racing driver should be.

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